Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentino: Sweet Big Orange Boy In Bad Shape

I took the big orange male from 34th street up to be fixed. He's in bad shape. Flea dermatitis. He was crawling in the largest fleas I've seen. His ears are full of mites and he'd torn up the backs of his ears scratching at them. Both his fleas and his earmites are now deceased!

So are his worms. The vet trimmed off his hairmats and bathed him in a anti fungal anti bacterial shampoo.

His mouth is full of bad teeth, some split, from age. Whether he is FIV positive or not, he'd be lucky not to be.

He'd make a perfect poster child for the need to fix a male cat. Not only that, but he'd make a great poster child for fixing females. "Would you want your precious little girl to mate with this guy?"

Such a campaign, using this poor boy's nasty mouth, scratched up ears and half hairless flea body, could be brilliant. And give him a new lease.

It'd be like sending your precious teen daughter out to mate with a homeless aging bearded lice infested alcohol reeking homeless criminal. In a way. Pretty much the same thing, except the cat has broken no laws.

Want a grandkid like that?

He wasn't the lost Sweet Home cat. Those people so much hoped he would be. Their beloved cat isn't in the shape this one is in.

Despite his crusty exterior, the big orange male, now recovering from surgery in my garage, is a sweetheart. I want to find him someone who will love him, just like he is, although his skin and ears will clear up and he may soon be soft as silk and beautiful. But he needs teeth pulled and I got no cash for that.

Since all four big front canines need pulled, he will never give another cat FIV, even if he is positive. He will not be able to bite anybody, not that he would. He's so darn sweet.

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