Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rainy Gets a Home

Rainy went to a home today. It's two women and they live in Waldport. Skye and Pedra. Take good care of her! They already have two other cats and feed another outside.

Always makes me feel terribly guilty to watch them leave, scared, as a kitten would be. I want to cry after one leaves, if they've been here awhile and been through a lot, as Rainy has.

Took six weeks to get her over ringworm. She lost most of her hair. All the baths and stress she went through with that, then the blow drying which she loved, creams and ointments, nail trimming, her sister dying, her brother leaving. Been hard and finally she got spayed then had the incision site problem and it was another ten days before she could go up for adoption. When she did, I got multiple inquiries. I chose these women because they seem to be real animal lovers. But you never really know anyone coming through the door and taking out a life. I only hope, in the end, they are good human beings. There's no test for that and people lie and deceive well. There's no way to know anymore.

They seem really nice. They gave a donation and their application was great.

But you never know for sure. They say they'll send photos and I can't wait to get them. I will be in mourning for a time, because it is terribly hard on me to see one leave to the unknown, to wonder whose hands I put her in, if they are as they seem, wonderful, or if I was deceived.

Good luck, Rainy.

UPDATE: Rainy's adoptors already sent me new photos of her in their home. This just made me want to cry for happiness. She's doing good and got a great home where she will be loved.

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