Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Poppa Gets More and More Referrals from KATA

Poppa Inc. gets more and more referrals from KATA. Why? I don't know, but apparently they must not help people fix cats anymore. Maybe they have no money, like so many small groups. I haven't talked to them in ages.

They used to get so mad when other groups or shelters referred people to them. Now they're doing the same. And if I go out to "fix" these places, like with the 5th Wheel colony, also a KATA referral, and end up with kittens in dire straits, they don't help adopt them out, with their adoption venues.

Nobody works together in this area. Never have and probably never will. The little groups try to solve the overpopulation problem and quickly wear out doing so. If resources are scarce, the resentments are larger, between groups, if one constantly refers problem situations to another. The two big shelters, well, they're just shelters that house very small numbers of cats relative to the cats in need out there and in trouble because of overpopulation.

It's usually the small groups out there trying to prevent problems from becoming bigger problems through spay neuter. And most contribute massive time, money and labor personally. That means unpaid! Probably no groups involved in any other endeavor contribute so much on a personal level as the small animal rescues and spay neuter groups and individuals. Those so doing are almost never recognized for their efforts by communities who routinely pass out awards to volunteers whose hours contributed are unbelievably pathetic by comparison.

I wish I could find more grants for Poppa Inc. We sure need some replenishing funds to keep at it. Or a big fund raiser. But it's just me down here working with the funds. (that means spending their money)!!! I'm good at that. Actually I never see a dime of Poppa Inc. money. I just take cats in, and the vets bill Poppa Inc. for fixes beyond any copays I round up to give the vet that day for cats that day.

Getting one male and one female done costs over $100, so you can see, how the money goes fast.

Know what would be cool? One, better yet two, paid people who run around with a van, paid for by whomever pays them, and just constantly round up cats that need fixed, trapping ferals, etc. A phone number, one only, for the two counties, for people who need assistance to call. Cell phones provided to the paid cat wranglers. Gas provided. Bait provided. Endless spay neuter appointments just waiting and paid for. Wouldn't that be just toooo easy? Wouldn't that just solve the problem quickly. Yes it would.

So let's just keep on doing the things that don't work, that are far more expensive than something like the above dream world, because why would we change what we're doing, given it doesn't work and is expensive for everybody involved?

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