Friday, January 14, 2011

Total Exhaustion. Six Cats Fixed Today

Nursing home colony black long hair male kitten, fixed today.
Littlest Fluffy, a fluffy long hair brown tabby male, from the nursing home colony, fixed today.
Adult DMH black female, from the nursing home colony, fixed today. This is likely mom of the two black long hair kittens.
The two Albany females fixed today.

I've not had a decent nights sleep in three days, since the whole nursing home colony thing started. I didn't catch any tonight and, um, this morning. It is 2:00 a.m.

I tried, but they're too paranoided out by now, with none of their friends returning.

I gave the originals to this a new plan and I hope they implement it. I need to sleep about 36 hours. Getting too old for these multi day no sleep efforts.

The six I took up today were three from the nursing home colony, two Albany females and a male, who turned out already neutered (new owners thought he to be a she and I didn't look). The cat was dumped just north of Albany off the freeway and now lives in Peoria with a farmer I've known forever.

The three from the nursing home colony turned out to be two more boys and one girl. So, of the six I took to be fixed from the nursing home colony, five have been boys. The other five will be fixed tomorrow, courtesy of Heartland.

When will the last five or six be caught? I have no clue.

I'm a wreck. I smell like tuna, am disheveled, need a shower, my car stinks like major males and I think I mentioned, I need to sleep 48 hours. Yes, I upped that from 36.

I rock though. Not many young people could do the massive amount of work with little sleep I did in the last few days. At least I like to think that. Makes me feel better about being so stupid with my time the last few days.

We old people need our sleep. I did sleep an hour in the rest area again today and I loved it.

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