Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three More Caught at Corvallis Colony

11 Cats have now been caught at the nursing home colony. I caught one more kitten, a black long hair male, like the other one, in a live trap, then over the next few hours, drop trapped two more. I had hoped to catch the rest tonight, but people coming and going, the two tame fixed cats interferring, and a small army of raccoons prevented me from doing so.

I am tired.

I caught, besides the kitten, yet another black long hair adult and a teenage long hair brown tabby.

I know of at least five left to catch. That is a far cry from the seven I was told needed caught.

Three of the 11 are now fixed, but still in my garage. I wish one of the Corvallis people involved would just come get them. I was too tired late this afternoon for them to do so. I needed a nap and took one on my couch before heading over to get back at it.

I think that will happen tomorrow.

The rest are supposed to be fixed Friday at Heartland. I also hope the woman who fed them will come get them to take to be fixed, relieving me of doing that task.

I didn't agree to do it all, that I remember, but that's what's happened so far.

At least it's getting done and done quick. I like getting a job done when it needs done and not dorking around about it. That's how colonies get out of hand.

Well, I'm getting old for these shit long hours. I'm zonkered out tired.

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