Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Six Cats Fixed Today Photos, Late, Due to Couch Nap

DMH black female Toothless, from the Crabtree mob of cats, spayed today.
Grayboy, DSH gray tabby male, from the Crabtree mob, who somehow, at the clinic, mistakenly got both ears tipped.
Mama Brown, from the Crabtree group, spayed today. She has three kittens somewhere, who are at least 8 weeks old, who also need fixed, along with one more adult female and one more adult male. This is, if all three kittens have survived, or will be, a 13 cat colony. Eight have now been fixed.
Smokey, Albany male, fixed today.
Tizzy, Albany female fixed today.
And this black Albany male, Smokey's brother, was also fixed today.

Also, in more good news for cats, the Animal Crackers woman caught another of the nursing home cats and she was fixed at Heartland and moves to the relocation shed, where the cats are being held pendng homes found. It was a long hair tabby female. She sadly reports, however, that there are still at least six more.

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