Friday, January 21, 2011

Portlandia Debuts Tonight!

Out-of-state readers, if any, (everyone in Oregon is already braced) tune in to IFC channel (whatever that is) and watch the first episode of six, in a show dedicated to spoofing Portland!!! Portlandia debuts tonight.

Click the post title to see a clip with song, "Dream of the 90's" promoting Portlandia, on Hulu.

My favorite line from this clip: "Portland is where young people go to retire."

In other news, tomorrow is a big day here: Litter box soak day.

If you want to come and be part of this, entry to watch is $5. To participate will cost you only $10. Child admission fee is $35, due to the high piercing screams they emit, and endless questions that distract from the complex task of soaking the litter boxes in 10% clorox.

Future events will include the always popular "Kill a Flea" day and that will be geared towards families with young children.

Also, I am planning a seminar entitled "How to put the Fun Back in Killing Your Cats' Earmites". I will post in advance the times and fees for that seminar so you lucky participants can sign up and pay early.

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