Sunday, January 02, 2011

OMG!!! Article Details Lawsuit Allegations Lebanon Pastor Counsels on Evil Spirits and Sodomy, Breaking Up Families

I had no idea such beliefs even existed and that a pastor would counsel families, allegedly, that most kids have been sodomized and that evil spirits are embedded in troubled people through sodomy. Amongst other things. These Lebanon gospel singers/counselors apparently also have stated sodomy is used by powerful people in mind control. From the article: "he did confirm to a Democrat-Herald reporter that he had been the subject of an interview, he thought in the late 1990s, claiming sodomy is a method of mind control used by highly placed political officials, members of the Masonic order and the Catholic Church."

Outrageous, if true. You don't want to believe such outlandish beliefs as alleged in the lawsuit exist so close to home. I'd want to think such strange things would be confined to the likes of Haiti, with its voodoo mix.

You gotta read this story! Click post title to go to story about one former Lebanon man suing this Lebanon couple for counselling he alleges led to false charges against him and the break up of his family and loss of assets and job.

So, I was over at the Mormon sisters and we started joking about it. I know, it isn't funny to those whose lives got ruined by these "counselors". We were thinking this man is so obsessed with sodomy it must have been him victimized as a child. We also started saying stuff like, "Ok farts are little baby demons, being gaseously spread (parent demons instilled by sodomy), so run like hell when you smell a fart!" We were cracking each other up.

Click here to read that interview on Marion Knox's beliefs about sodomy instilling demons and used by Masonics and the illuminata (a conservative Catholic cult) to brainwash children and inflict demons whose power can be triggered for use later by the power mogel sodomizers.

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