Sunday, January 02, 2011

Five Cats Caught Near Campus

The Hill Street people, for whom I just took in five cats to be fixed, have a friend who works in Corvallis. They told her about the trapping and then she contacted me. She feeds some strays, she said, behind her Corvallis workplace right off Monroe, right off campus.

I have a friend, who traps on campus and has trapped numerous kittens just across Monroe from this location. We collaborated. She scouted it out since the feeder was gone over the weekend and saw a mother cat she's been after for some time. I had hoped to catch her tonight. I took three traps.

I thought there were two this woman fed, then maybe that campus roamer.

I filled all three traps quickly, however, and watched another cat stroll across the parking lot. So I transferred the short hair brown tabby into the trap with the black medium hair kitten and set another trap. In the meantime, I called D and she brought a couple more traps over.

I caught two more in the end, before my butt froze and I came home. I caught two more brown tabbies, a medium hair and a huge dark brown tabby medium hair male. Three tabbies and two black, including the kitten. There are probably more.

But, at least these five are going to get fixed.

I also got a call from someone at Heatherdale Trailer park about a stray in heat female on her porch. She wants to borrow a trap and wanted her fixed. Then the low income woman who feeds the ones I trapped in another Albany location, after I got her contact info from a woman I helped in downtown Albany, well she snagged another, and has it temporarily in her place, hoping I can get that one fixed quickly. It's a girl, too, she says, and she would know.

So already, with the New Year, I'm up to my ears in people needing help with cat fixing. I hope people make a new year's resolution to fix their cats and to donate to Poppa Inc. because we sure need the funds to keep going.

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