Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nursing Home Boys Video

These are the two nursing home boys. They are identical! They're going to be fostered in Beaverton.

Here in Oregon, we are having monsoon like rains with very warm temperatures. The weather service is warning about debris slides (mud and rock slides) and avalanches, along with flooding. My backyard is again flooded, so the cats are all inside and happy to be inside.

We depend here on winter snowpack in the mountains for water to carry through the summer, for drinking/household use, recreation and farm field irrigation. When we get warm monsoon like weather after a cold spell, the snow melts quickly and we start worrying about the summer and water. If we don't have melting snowpack in the summer to fill the rivers that fill the reservoirs where water is then released slowly to make power and for irrigation, we go down the drain here.

The crop in Oregon not that dependent on water for irrigation is grass seed production because grass seed sprouts and grows like an out of control lawn in the spring. It's allowed to grow fast with spring sun and rain, then harvested when dry in July, no irrigation needed. Just mother nature. That's one reason it's popular to grow, year after year. The expense comes because the soil gets worn out from constant one crop farming.

We need that mountain snow in Oregon. We don't need January monsoons.

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