Saturday, January 15, 2011


I won't be finishing the nursing home colony. There's no primary contact with the people in Corvallis helping the feeder. Communication is nil on it.

There are assumptions regarding my equipment and getting it back and I can't deal with. I hope they are successful in catching the remaining cats there.

The people in Corvallis who are dealing with the cats all communicate by text. I am envious in a way. I'd like to be a texter but I can't afford to be one. When that Corvallis woman sat in my car one night, when I was trapping over there, she and the feeder lady, who is banned now from the property, were in constant contact texting back and forth.

I feel like I live in the dark ages. I think my family might communicate with me more if I could text. Not that many people do e-mail much anymore, they text back and forth.

It's so expensive though. I have a tough time even keeping a few minutes on an emergency cell phone. This latest trac fone is crap compared to the last one. It's really bad. I should have paid more attention to what I was getting for my ten bucks. The Motorola one I had before was so far superior to this Samsung one. I am debating whether or not to switch again. I could just get another and have a different number on it.

I wouldn't mind getting rid of the TV and this monstrous PC, that now runs at a slow crawl, to go wireless and mobile only. Like with a laptop and cool smart phone. I'm tired of all the wires associated with a PC and the seemingly planned obsolescence. I'm dreaming though again, because I can't afford any of the new gadgets. Those smart fones are really cool looking and their capacity is amazing.

Lust is one of the deadly sins I think. Shame on me. Shame, shame on me.

Lust on I will. Texting is the new communication. To do it, to join in, I need cell minutes and a decent cell!!! It's not a want, it's a need, right?

I can't figure out how these low incomers all seem to have the fancy cell phones and unlimited texting plans. How do they afford those, I wonder to myself. There must be cheap phones/plans out there I don't know about.

I need to quit thinking about it. I am in debt, have a car to worry about, and 40 cats to take care of somehow. Luxuries can't be on my list.

What needs to be on my list? Finding homes for cats, that's number one. Every cat out of here reduces my expenses drastically. I need to focus. How would I say that in text shortcuts?

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