Monday, January 24, 2011

Gosh Darn It, How Stupid Do I Feel?

I wanted heat. So I got a magnifying glass and stool, to read the inside of the thermostat. That's what you need. The instructions flip out, but not down, and they're in the teensiest print imaginable. So, you either have to be six foot five inches tall with excellent eyesight, to be able to look down on the flip out instructions, or you get a magnifying glass and a ladder.

I did the latter.

So in the very corner it said, "if display doesn't work, remove the thermostat and change the batteries." So I did. And suddenly, like lightning had struck, the display was all working again, little items I hadn't seen in months, like day of the week.

No wonder I couldn't adjust the temperature. No wonder at times, although I thought I'd left it at 68, I'd wake up sweating and end up having to turn the thing off.

But you wouldn't think it would run off batteries, that the batteries would just be auxillary to keep the clock working if the furnace was shut off or the power went off. You wouldn't think you would need them normally. That there is a problem, I think, a red flag.

Anyhow, I let my brother know, but he said he's having it replaced anyhow because it should work without running off batteries, and because it is ancient.

I feel stupid but glad I changed them before the repair man comes because they like to point out those little things to belittle a person subtle like.

In other news, we got more violence in Oregon. An officer was critically shot in Lincoln City for unknown reason in a traffic stop, then sped off south. The guy is from Sauvie Island, up near Portland. Sauvie Island gained media fame as the likely place Kyron Hormon's body was dumped by his stepmom.

Maybe there's a connnection?

Anyhow, spike strips stopped his truck but he took off, with his dog, a blue heeler, into the woods. He had continued shooting as he was driving and even shot at a crab fisherman on his boat in the harbor when on the run after leaving his vehicle. So the whole coast is shut down and that's a little too close for comfort, being as how it's Walport. They're after him all right and I hope they catch him, but I hope they don't shoot his poor dog. That dog didn't have a choice in getting an asshole murderous owner.

One report now says he may have stolen a car. The fishermen's tale is harrowing, of seeing what they thought was a seal laying on the spit, then it got up and unfolded a sniper rifle and began firing at them. Shrapnel hit him. They hit the deck, turned off the spotlight but the shooting continued. Then he remembered his headlamp was still on and he smashed that. The shots continued before he realized the boats' naviagation lights were still on, so he doused those and only then did the guy stop shooting at the boat.

Matilda and her aodptors live west of Highway 101 in Newport. I e-mailed them and hope they are ok. But the fisherman shooting was in Waldport, south of Newport. Highwayss 20 and 34 head west from I5, just south of Albany, going through Corvallis and Philomath where they split. HIghway 20 ends up in Newport and HIghway 34 ends up, after going up the steep Coast Range twisty turns, past Mary's Peak, then through little Alsea, to Walport.

There are cut off roads all along there, to connect with roads south, like the one that runs through Triangle Lake and Cheshire, etc. etc. you can cut to from Alsea. If he slips through the dragnet and steals a car, he could head anywhere, but they're checking cars on 34 and 20 I hear and of course on 101. So good.

This is a guy who went bonkers after he and a long time girlfriend broke up two weeks ago, paranoid probably from severe sleep deprivation after the breakup the news said. He's going to kill whomever he meets. He's angry. Very very dangeous until he is caught or killed.

Bruce and Josh Turnidge went before a judge today to hear they're getting death in the bank bombing of two years ago that killed two officers. They both went into a tirade in the hearing, no apologies just fricking anti government ranting crap and how they were framed. Those are two egotistical dangerous men. Unapologetic for their crimes. A camera cut to Josh showed him rolling his eyes, when the wife of one officer described the pain the family had gone through since he died.

My brother said he was driving flipping radio stations and Rush Limbaugh came on and did a rant against, of all things, vegetables. Yeah, vegetables. My brother's conclusion is he is a nutcase and getting nutcasier.

Who in the world could rant against an innocent little carrot?

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