Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Neighbors

New people are moving into one of the rentals. My only worry, there are lots of young people involved again, and I wonder if they'll use my place for parking excess cars. I will talk to them, after they are settled, tell them how much it disturbs me to have my view of the world their cars. That's if they park there. Right now they're just moving in.

Young people usually do not care, but I will try, because otherwise, my life becomes a nightmare and my quality of life is gone.

It is a frustrating thing when people move into a place and have so many vehicles they think it's ok to inflict them on others. I hope that is not the case with the new renters.

I have heard from so many people where this becomes an issue---people who move in nearby but park their cars and trucks in front of a neighbors' place, often because they've stuffed their garage full of junk.

It's really rude.

Anyhow, I hope these new people will be a good addition. You never know. Box of chocolates thing.

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