Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Drop Foot

To compound and complicate the work load issues around my place, with so many cats to care for, I incurred a foot injury.

A week ago, I was reaching for something in a top shelf cupboard and a heavy book fell out of that cupboard and dropped seven feet onto the arch of one bare foot.


I thought it would be momentary misery, the type where I hop around on one foot cursing or yelling for a few minutes, have pain for another couple hours then forget it happened except for a reminding bruise.


A week later the bruise is almost gone but the swelling isn't. Neither is the pain.

It's a small swelling left, top center of my foot, and below the swelling, if I press on it, that's where the pain is. The swelling spreads out down my foot and off towards my little toe.

Last night misery plagued my attempts to sleep. No matter which way I turned or how I held that foot, I'd get sudden bursts of throbbing pain.

I gave it up finally and took a swig of Nyquil. Doesn't even take a full swig, just a teensy amount, and I'm out like a light.

I examined my problem foot this morning. I think my shoe is aggravating whatever is wrong, whatever that book edge did, falling that far, hitting on edge square on a critical foot point. My shoe laces right atop the misery area.

Today, I better switch to sandals. Fortunately the weather calls for it. The sun is out like spring again, like yesterday.

Books can be deadly weapons and not just for the knowledge they impart. The cookbook that cooked my foot probably weighs three pounds, and maybe more.

Remember that, if you get mugged and happen to be carrying a book.

I was going to meet some people or try to, from someone's craigslist post, about wanting get in shape buddies. I contacted her and she responded that a few of them were going on a hike today. Directions were vague and she had said they communicate by texting. I responded I did not have texting capacity (no minutes again on my cell) but I would try to find them. I got no further response. Nonetheless I was going to try to find them for the hike. But last night's pain convinced me that would not be a good idea.

They don't want me along, since no real directions were sent. I need to find a group of poor people to exercise with, who will include those who can't text due to the finances involved. I've posted several times on craigslist attempting to find exercise partners. This was the second response I got, although this time, I responded to a post. I thought the first response to one post I made a few months back was going to be fruitful, but she lived in Corvallis and decided she didn't want me along, in the end, said she had dogs and walks real slow and the fact I'm way over here would make it too hard to coordinate.

I thought I"d talked the Mormon sisters into at least a once weekly walk together, but the time scheduled for our first walk came and went and the one sister who had pledged to come, never showed up and did not answer phone calls.

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