Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Cat

So I go out early this a.m., to pick up the paper, and a long hair white cat whom I've never seen before runs into my garage. I think it is a young female (remember, without glasses and a flashlight, I'm useless at cat sexing).

Now what to do with this cat.

She's sweet and tame and I hope somebody nearby owns her. For now, I'll stick her in my rabbit hutch, until I make sure she has a home. I've never seen her before however, and those people at that complex, about a half mile from here, described a cat, now a stray, who looks just like this one. Oh boy.

I just remembered, the neighbors who moved had a cat who looks just like this. I know they took the cat with them, but it doesn't mean she didn't come back here.

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