Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 Cats Fixed Today

Former Tangent kitten, adopted out to Albany woman, fixed today. She's the sister of the pair of Tangent kittens also fixed today.
Huge Crabtree male, Tiger, fixed today.
Another big brown tabby Crabtree male, with bobtail, Ponyboy, fixed today.
Crabtree male Squeeky, fixed today.
Black tux teen Crabtree male, Amy, fixed today. That's right. I said Amy. Wait til you see Esther, whom I hope to take in also.
Black tux teen Crabtree female Tinkerbell, spayed today.
Two Tangent kittens, fixed today. The gray tux is the boy.
Wilsonville stray I trapped for a couple this a.m. She turned out to be already fixed and older. They have fed her as a stray for a year.
Stayton trailer park Lynx Pt female, whom, despite being taken in late November to be spayed, trailer park residents insisted she was pregnant again. The vet just called to say he examined her, and found her to be fat but not pregnant. She had the eartip and a spay scar, but since I don't want kittens born again at that park, I wanted to be sure.

8 cats were fixed today, courtesy of Poppa Inc.

One female kitten hails from Albany and formerly is from Tangent. Two siblings of this female kitten also got rounded up from those they were adopted from and fixed. I had gotten their mom and a couple other adults fixed for the Tangent woman and she wanted to be sure the mom's kittens didn't go on, at their new homes, to reproduce.

The other five are all from Crabtree, three big huge honking beautiful males, then two teens, one boy and one girl. There are at least five more adults to grab out there. Maybe three more kittens, not sure.

Also, a vet there at the clinic had referred a Wilsonville woman to me, who called to say she and her husband had fed a stray for a year now and they wanted to catch the cat.

I was late getting up there. That's because the Crabtree woman had trouble getting the cats she feeds contained. In the end, the first big male, tame to her, she grabbed, got loose inside her place. I herded him into the bathroom where he climbed the walls. This is like a 13 pound cat. I got him contained. Same with the second huge male. She got the hang of it by the third big guy and came back in with him hanging by the scruff. She expertedly backed him into a carrier then. She learned quickly.

But, after dropping off those 8, I drove down and quickly trapped the stray. They will pay for that cats expenses.

Then it was off to Stayton. Seems one of the two outside Lynx Point Siamese females, coincidentally the mother of the two teens now featured in pet of the week, in the Oregonian, up in foster in Beaverton, had gotten big in the belly. Supposedly she was fixed November 30 and she probably was. She got an eartip.

But on the outside chance she got missed, that day, when I took in 14 cats including the two identical Siamese Lynx Point females from the Stayton trailer park, I had the woman recatch her and she will spend the night at the clinic and be checked to be sure she isn't pregnant and was fixed. Mistakes happen. I hope she doesn't have FIP or something bad. She's tame now.

So in all, I took in ten cats today. Great day for cats! Not so great day for humans. Why? Gas is now $3.30 per gallon, up ten cents in just the last week.

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