Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joy in Trouble. Series of Catastrophic Events Sets Back an Animal Lover in Nebraska. We Must Help Joy!

Story of Joy's troubles below, but, in short, she needs: care packages, dog and cat food, cat fixing money, which maybe we can set up with the Hastings vet, a live trap or two, her spirits lifted, money to pay vet bills and fines and well, a brand new wonderful pickup.

I dream, yes, but people out there might be generous, might want to help her. Forward this post far and wide. We can try to help her. E-mail me for her address. bluestray@yahoo.com. Please folks, she's having it rough. I would love nothing more than to drive up to her place with a semi trailer full of dog and cat food, with someone following behind me in a brand new pickup for her, and to present her with a check to cover all the horrible expenses she has incurred lately. Then a couple of us hop out, maybe the Neuterscooter vet with us, and we trap and fix every cat in that damn town! Sure, a dream. Wish upon a star. Joy, you are not alone. Story below.

Joy, in Nebraska, is in trouble. Catastrophic events have hit her one after another. She got charged with disturbing the peace, when a cat hating neighbor yelled at her, then attacked her with pruning shears, and she has the photos to prove it, over a stray kitten. However, the local cop ticketed both for disturbing the peace, and did not even submit a witness's statement, that said otherwise, in as evidence. Nor were the photos of Joys' injuries from the pruning shear attack, submitted with evidence.

Then her dog, Zeus, became very ill, and she has incurred massive expense in just trying to figure out what is wrong. Top that off with now the dog also needs knee surgery.

And if that isn't enough....

With the road covered in snow, she still wanted to feed cats in a Quonset on a farm. Not her cats, cats a farmer who owned the land had, never fixed, then abandoned when he died and the property sold. New owner won't fix them or feed them either, so Joy does. Most are fixed now, but not all.

Her daughter's boyfriend has a plow on the front of his truck and offered to drive in front of her, to clear the road. However, with visibility zero, Joy accidentally ran into truck with her truck, and probably totalled her own truck. How sad is that, after everything else? Joy is currently unemployed too. Her husband has a job but isn't supportive of her helping the animals around there. And nobody else is helping the animals around there.

Joy needs help.

She found a cheaper vet for fixing cats in Hastings--TLC Vet Clinic. I think we need to see if we can prepay for some cat fixes with this vet she found, set up an account for her, feed it with money when we can, and get her a live trap so she can catch the ones she can't handle. Ideas?

Who can help?

We can't abandon Joy. Her heart is like gold.

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