Wednesday, January 12, 2011

8 Cats Caught So Far at Corvallis Nursing Home Colony

The colony that was supposed to be seven cats, that have to be relocated, but thankfully, not by me, has a lot more than seven members. I don't know how many there are. But, including the one the Animal Crackers employee caught yesterday, we've trapped 8 now and there are lots more.

I went over this evening on a whim, maybe thought I'd trap a couple, and instead stayed late, and we trapped seven more. The Animal Crackers woman was there til about 9:30. I was there until almost midnight. The rain didn't help in trapping. Sometimes it poured and sometimes it didn't.

Currently all 8 are in my garage and car. I don't know how I get roped into this shit, holding cats for people who fed them, didn't fix them, then got in trouble for that behavior. But, the woman is supposed to take the three big males I can't hold here, until Friday, when a volunteer vet is going to fix them all, off my hands tomorrow afternoon. I can't hold big males in my garage. They're all supposed to be gone on Friday from my garage for good, to some fosterer or something.

So, have the Himilayan, male I think. Have a short hair gray tabby, looks female, half tame. Have two huge honking brown tabby males. Have a silver tabby tux male, big, but not as big as the brown tabs. I have a long hair black medium sized kitty and a skinny short hair black medium sized kitty. To top out the 8, I have a long hair smoke black kitten, about nine weeks of age. Feral as hell.

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