Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Eight Cats Fixed Today

Heatherdale torti being fixed today.
Tame stray the woman had inside her place when I picked the cat up, whom she feeds outside.

All the photos below are of the campus cats, six in all, being fixed today. There were three tabbies and three blacks. Two black adults and one kitten. Of the three tabbies, one is the huge medium hair male, then a very long hair tabby and a short hair tabby.
Short hair tabby and black kitten.
The big male with ringworm.
The same brown tabby in the photo with the black kitten.
The adult black I trapped in the first "outing" over there to trap.
Cute feral long hair tabby.

The first young black adult from the colony.
The black kitten again.
The black adult I trapped last night, a male I think.

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