Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nowhere Cats of Albany

I know a woman who takes care of strays in Albany. She and her husband divorced however. She'd taken a job in WA D.C. and her husband has now left the Albany house. She is back briefly in Albany, to get the house ready to sell, and care for all those cats, about 25, some of whom I took in to be fixed, but she now lives officially in WA state. She won't abandon those cats and is working to find them homes.

However, her neighbor was foreclosed upon. She has ten inside cats. She did not find them homes, and the house was just bought at auction. The cats will be euthanized today or tomorrow, the neighbor just told me.

I think she called thinking I'd have a last second solution. I don't. I wish I did. I've not seen any ads for the cats. I asked why she hasn't been trying hard to find them homes. "Denial," the neighbor thinks. She thinks she thought til the end she could take them with her to wherever she is going.

I can't take in ten adult cats. She calls seven of them kittens, the neighbor tells me, although they are almost a year old. I guess Heartland agreed to take in one. That's something because they officially don't take in Linn County cats. Safehaven couldn't take in any of them.

The neighbor called, very sad for those walking dead cats, next door. The cats don't know they're about to die.

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