Monday, December 27, 2010

Dex is in Trouble

I thought it was just a cold that had her down looking a little over a week ago, sneezing, and then some snot and a lot of snarfling. The other cats had gotten colds and gotten over them. But then three days ago, the snot turned green and I began her on antibiotics. She was losing weight, had stopped eating, and was coughing up just foamy white liquid.

I began her on sub cu fluids, and some food by mouth with a syringe. Then, this a.m., suddenly, mid morning, right before Matilda's adopter arrived, sudden massive drainage of pus some of it bloody, from her mouth. It's quite possible an abscess broke open. I hope that's what happened, because there are worse things it could be. She's going to the vet tomorrow of course.

She is exceedingly defensive of the right side of her mouth.

I hope I don't lose her.

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