Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nasa's Coy Alien Talk

On the news tonight, Nasa scientists, lined up and looking coy. Seems they accidentally found microbes in the bottom of some lake and then decided to bombard them with arsenic. Instead of dying, they morphed into something entirely different, Nasa scientists say, almost with winks to one another.

We're supposed to think this is amazing, and that maybe there are other life forms we don't understand in the universe.

The newsman is saying there is something up, something suspicious because of the way one scientist ended the news conference, in a clumsy attempt to say there may be other life forms out there and this is just one amazing discovery.

An alien guy on talk radio says "They're gearing up to tell us they have evidence of aliens and fail to understand the common people already accept that."

When I heard the Nasa scientist ending, to the news conference on the microbes, I thought to myself,

"Ok, Nasa has an alien."

Then I saw how coy and cocky they all looked and I thought, "No, those Nasa people are aliens."

Then I thought, "No, they were experimenting with space material and created monsters that escaped the lab."

Then I thought, "What are those astronauts really doing on the space station?" My mind tried to picture scientists and astronauts hosting parties for aliens and after much drinking, there was sex."

I tried to be shocked and outraged at my own thoughts, and those immoral space scientists and astronauts, but I grew up watching Star Trek. Nothing shocks me anymore.

Then I thought, "What were they poking around some lake bottom for anyway? Ah ha! Alien space craft crash site. They do have an alien."

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