Saturday, December 04, 2010


I have two adoptors coming on Monday. I am holding my breath. I may have gotten two different people confused interested in Nemo. I've had so few inquiries I assumed the phone call and the e-mail about Nemo were the same people, and they still might be. But they might not be, which, if that is true, is slightly embarrassing.

Both potential adoptors sounds great. And the second set, they're interested in Stinod!!!! They really want her. I am very excited.

Stinod would love a home where she gets attention and would be indoors. She stays primarily in the cat yard and garage room now, because inside has too many obstacles, cat obstacles, some of whom are not that nice.

I had a call this morning also, but they already have one cat, not fixed, they said they are keeping for someone else. He free roams. The cat they get will not be indoor only and they live on an extremely busy highway in high predator zone. I had to say no. They sound nice, but I want the cats here to actually live, not be hit by cars or carried off by predators to be torn apart alive.

I've had many precious kittens and cats die because I adopted them out to people in predator zones who let them free roam. It's very very hard on me to even think about.

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