Thursday, December 16, 2010


Forest isn't doing well. She's hasn't for a couple of weeks, maybe more. While Scraggles, her brother gets huge and Rainy, her sister, looks ever more scraggly, from losing her hair before it grows back, after the ringworm outbreak, Forest just is. She has no sign of active ringworm but might since Rainy looks like a moth eaten rag. She's got a prominent backbone, instead of filling out like the other two normally, and a big belly, like she has worms.

I wormed her again. However, I've thought for a week now I feel a swishing instead of a beat with her heart. Like she has a hole in it or a malfunctioning valve. She drinks too much water and tries to pee all the time. Heart function and kidney function are really closely related. I try to listen to her heart but she purrs so loud I can't hear anything but her purring. She needs to go see a vet. I've held off due to the ringworm. No vet wants that in their office. But I can't find a single sign of it on her.

Zuli still looks like shit from ringworm, just above her eyes, and then Rainy, who lost most of her hair on her back. But it's growing back now and she looks moth eaten, because some she didn't lose. So she has some short where its growing back and some that never was affected.

Neither Scraggles nor Forest ever lost any hair. Scraggles had ringworm on his feet and chin and Forest on her nose. Rainy, however, now she had it everywhere. Anyhow, I think little Forest may have a heart defect.

I hope my fingers, which tell me I feel a swish instead of a more defined thump, are wrong.

I ordered my last pyrantel, roundwormer, from Amazon. It's different, however, in consistency, very thin, like water. I e-mailed the seller but have heard nothing back. I told the seller could there be something wrong, because I have never in my life seen water thin pyrantel. It's always a thickish suspension. I ordered the bottle before that from a different seller on Amazon, exactly the same bottle, same concentration, same manufacturer and it was the usual thickish yellow suspension. So why on earth is the contents of this bottle as thin as water, I wonder.

Makes me skeptical that it even would work. When you buy pyrantel liquid suspension for a decade and suddenly one bottle is a completely different consistency, you have to wonder. The seller is a good company though. Very well respected. Maybe it's going to be thinner in consistency now.

I have two great test subjects for its effectiveness in my car right now--those two big mangy Albany males. They are going to be full of roundworms. I laced their dose into food, which if they eat, means there will be dead worms in their poop in the morning. And if they eat their food and poop and no roundworms, its a bust, man, I tell you.

I often use the poop in the traps of ferals, after housing them here overnight and mixing the pyrantel into their food, which they eat during the night, to educate caregivers on roundworms, and to encourage them to get roundwormer and periodically mix it into the cats food.

I know, kind of gross out material, to show people their cats poop full of dead worms. But I can't tell you how many people, even those with nice tame cats and kittens, know absolutely nothing about parasites. I like killing parasites. It's a hobby of mine! Hahahaha. I am sick and twisted.

These two males, even though inside my car with it closed, are making Sam crazy. I knew they would. He's so sensitive to unneutered male smell. And these two are massive males. I'll have to make it up to him and clean my car good tomorrow.

Well anyhow, off to bed for me. Cross your fingers for Forest. I hope she does not have a heart problem.

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