Friday, December 17, 2010

Cat Photos!

More cat photos of cats here. And, some good news. Mr. Mo, the tiny white male kitten, fixed day before yesterday, from Albany, will be adopted by the folks who fed him. He tamed instantly, despite being 8 weeks old, and sat with me for an hour, cuddling up, on the couch last night, after I gave him a bath. He'd pooped on himself.

Turns out, there may be another owned male, same area, who needs fixed, and another formerly owned male, Baby's brother, who was kicked outside by neighbors when he started to spray. They thought he was gone too, but I asked the people who fed the mom cat and kitten, who the gray tabby on white short hair was, whom I saw, when I returned the other three adults I took in to be fixed. They said it must be the neighbors cat, whom they thought had died, after they made him an outside cat when he started to spray.

Nope. He's alive and well and still able to reproduce. The cat I saw with him, apparently facing off, may also be an unfixed male, but is owned. They are going to talk to his owners to find out.

Shaulin, one of the three kittens I took out of the Bengal man's colony when I got 24 fixed there over a year ago. Her brothers got homes. She never did, although she went to two seperate homes. Both adoptors returned her because she became frantic with homesickness. She likes me, likes her cat friends here, and wants to stay with me. It's kind of a problem when the cats love it here, love their friends here. Most homes just don't cut it by comparison.
Starr, Teddy's sister, who is big and very sweet.
Fantasia, Shaulin and Nemo watch the cat toy.
Nemo the beautiful.
Shaulin, from the Bengal man colony. Yes, she is fat.
Electra, my elderly elderly former feral from Silverton, still going after all these years.
Dickens, Sage's boy, is very pretty.

Yesterday, thanks to a Christmas gift from Mike and Linda, whom I've never even met, I got ten bags of wood pellet fuel, for cat litter and, AND 40 more of those 16" square stones, for my yard project. Those weighted my car to leave me only 3 inches of clearance for the short drive home. But it is a very short drive home from where I got them. I then unloaded all 40 one by one, then placed all forty in my yard, which is looking good, if I do say so myself! THANK YOU MIKE and LINDA!

In other repeat news, I went over the three Lebanon kittens and Zuli again with a Woods lamp and found ringworm only on Rainy this time. Forest is going to the vet today, because something is very wrong with her.

However, I have ringworm. On my stomach, where one kitten scratched me when I was trimming their nails a week or so ago.

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