Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cat Photos!!!

This is Brutus now, one of the kittens born in a backyard boat in down town Albany. His person sent me these photos just today. His name is Brody currently--Brody James and he is gorgeous. A real cat lover adopted him and he is one lucky boy. Isn't he beautiful?

Another of Brody, formerly Brutus the boat kitten.
Shady and Echo in two new cat beds a friend of friends donated, saying her cats won't use them.
This is a cat tree all right.
Forest, one of the ringworm three, in a cat bed.
Forest again.
Scraggles, the male ringworm kitten, now neutered.
Starry, Nemo's sister, flops across the cat tree.
Nemo, still here waiting on a home.
Nemo again.
The very very quirky interesting Fantasia.

Honey, from the homeless camp, splayed out front feet, relaxed, on the back of the black couch.

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