Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three Albany Kittens Fixed Today

I don't know if this blue pt. Siamese is fixed or not. I seem to remember getting her fixed. She has no eartip. We might catch her just to make sure.
The unknown blue pt again.
DLH black tux male kitten, fixed today.
DLH black male kitten, fixed today.
DLH black female kitten, fixed today.

We caught three of what we thought were just four kittens, feral, living over in the trailer park. I took them up today to be fixed. They were two boys and one girl. All have beautiful long hair.

I left a trap with the woman, who told me she caught the last one. So I stopped by the trailer park on the way home. But on the way in, I stopped to chat with a woman I'd helped with cats a couple years ago. She now watches also, for any new cats. She said the neighbors across the street had a gray male. So she knocked on their door. They had not one, but two adult gray males, brothers, and they hauled them out, in two carriers, one loaned to them by the neighbor.

I then went to pick up the last kitten. Only it was a brown tabby long hair. The last two I saw, when there in the dark last night, and I caught one of them, were both black. You know what that means. There's still at least one more kitten who needs caught. She will keep trying.

Update: The fifth kitten is caught!!! Now to figure out who mom of kittens might be.

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