Monday, November 15, 2010

Three Albany Kittens Caught. Fourth Eludes Capture.

I caught three of four teen kittens out there, mother id unknown. Where? Heatherdale trailer park, where else? I say that with sarcasm, only because I've gotten so many cats fixed there, over the years, it's kind of pathetic. But, at least now, the cat problem isn't anything like it used to be. When I hear of an unfixed cat at that trailer park, it isn't just me jumping all over it, it's many of the park residents, who don't want things to return to how they once were. Thank god that there are people there watching for newcomers, or unfixed abandons. It's a world apart there now from what it used to be, for cats.

So I caught three of the four little buggers. But I'd sure like to know who mom is.

Also trapping tomorrow at another Albany location for teen kittens, but the woman, who already got the mother cat fixed, is taking them, once trapped, to be fixed at her own vet. Now that is something!

I got some cheap thin plywood pieces, two of them, to put on the garage wall. I knocked apart the particle board falling apart old shelves in there. Once I cover the garage far wall with that wood, screwing it in over the insulation I've put up, over time, then I'll put shelves along that wall. I know what type I'm putting in for now and will get the pieces cheap at the habitat restore.

Most of that wall is already covered in wood, piece mealed together, but I cut accurately. But the garage is a mess, after taking out that particle board shelving today and will remain a mess until I install shelves on the wall.

Sure, I should have first fixed that darn cat yard wire, so the cats wouldn't be bitching and fighting because they're mad they're confined. Sure, that would have been the smart thing. I'm getting old and my smarts come and go now.

They're all mad and slapping at each other. It's hissy spitty in here.

So, the one mother cat up there at the Attic Cats colony has not been caught. The old couple's daughter is not going to be any help either, I can tell. So, it's going to be up to me, I guess. I wish family would help family and it wouldn't have to be me going up there to try to round up one cat among twenty already fixed. But she had kittens. I'd been told she might be pregnant, but I can't get much real information out of anyone. The daughter wants me to do it, not her. She isn't willing to do a thing. But her parents, they're too old, with health issues. Sure, it's frustrating. They're way out east of Lebanon. I don't like leaving things half done. Or even 95% done. Happens too often.

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