Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pleasure Acres McFaddin Dies

Click post title to go to obit of a Corvallis man, who lived on and owned Pleasure Acres.

I had no idea who lived there, but part of the property, or adjoining property, a rental, had a huge cat issue. I got about 25 fixed for the renters. They told me they came from the barns way back there with the horses. I asked them repeatedly to contact those folks, to see if they needed help getting cats fixed in the barn. I don't know if they ever did or didn't. I got all the cats fixed at property close to the road. I never really knew if that was part of the Pleasure Acres property or not.

But I named the colony Pleasure Acres colony.

I got cats fixed on the far side of the Pleasure Acres property too, in the homeless camps that used to be where Home Depot is now, and after that, behind Home Depot. I took about three dozen cats out of that area, on the other side, slogging down the tracks through a blizzard once, to check traps I left set. I named the black long hair cat I caught Bliz, in fact.

Those cats were on the far side of Pleasure Acres.

I never knew if, like the homeless said, and those renters, that the cats were originating in the barns on Pleasure Acres or not because I was never able to get ahold of the people who lived there. It's posted No Trespassing and I could just never find out anything to know if the cats were originating there or not.

It's interesting now to read about the man who owned Pleasure Acres. But I still wonder if there are cats in the barns who need fixed. It could be there never were, and that the various other parties involved told tales to divert blame from themselves for creating a cat problem by not fixing their cats.

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