Saturday, November 20, 2010

Target, Iraq Hero Dog, Brought to States, Loved even by Oprah, Dead Six Weeks Later. Killed by Shelter

It's tragic to hear that Target, a military dog who risked her life to attack a suicide bomber sneaking into soldiers barracks, has been killed by a shelter in Arizona.

The dogs' Iraq handler moved heaven and earth to get Target back to the states after she saved so many soldiers' lives and finally was successful. She got out, one day, at her soldier's home in Arizona, was picked up by animal control. When the soldier was informed she was at the shelter, he went to get her, only to be told she'd been killed that morning, in a "mistaken euthanasia" by a shelter worker.

Shelters never were meant to be the mass killing zones they are now. They are supposed to be to protect animals and give them a safehaven. But now, death by shelter is the most common cause of death for healthy dogs, cats, kittens and puppies. Shelters should be ashamed and rename themselves "Animal Holocaust Centers" or "Animal Hold and Kill Centers".

Maybe if they had to name themselves what they really are, change would come, because of public outrage. But maybe not. The public likes to take their excess animals to "shelters", dump them off and pretend in lala land minds, they'll all get homes. They tell their kids so too.

Shelters exist as co dependents to human animal cruelty and neglectful behavior. If they didn't exist to kill off the excess quietly, we'd have to change, be more responsible and kinder.

Target is dead because shelters kill with abandon. They killed a hero. There should be outrage.

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