Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cats Here, New Photos

Shaulin, who came here over a year ago, from the Albany Bengal mans' colony. She is now kind of fat.
Brambles, who has been here almost four years, from the Hate Thy Neighbor colony, with chronic persistent herpes, adores kittens and is a sweet benign kitty.
Buffy, with issues, from the 120 cats fixed out off Gerig, the BS colony. Buffy will never be adopted.
Starry, one of the three N. Albany swamp kittens, two of whom are still here.
Nemo, Starry's brother.
Nemo again.
Jade, from Millersburg, and Honey, from the homeless camp, on the back of my couch. Jade is a delight, eager to please and fun loving.
Sage, the laid back super loving torti, from Lebanon, whom the people up there claimed was feral, who was alive in fleas when I picked her up and dripping wet in the carrier, as were her four boys, because they hosed them down.
Smolder, one of Sage's four boys, with drooping upper eyelid. He just got over a cold. Now Shaggy has it.
Dickens, another of Sage's boys.
Miss Daisy, my blessed deaf cush kitty, cushed into a down comforter, one of her favorite places.

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