Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sam Will Be Leaving Me Soon

Sam will be leaving me soon. My brother has loved him since he first met him. And Sam wants more attention and some freedom. He will be a shop cat, at my brother's company and be allowed free access outside during the day but will be kept inside at night and on weekends. My brother will choose one of his friends here to go along with him, so he won't be lonely.

My first inclination was to send Sage, but Sage is too independent minded to want to curl up next to Sam much. He needs another boy for that, a younger male. Nemo will be perfect. Nemo is young and athletic and adventurous. Sure, he would make a great house cat, but I'm not getting any offers and my brother would adore Nemo and give him a great life. My younger brother has turned into a real catman and he's not afraid to say it either.

It will be next week or the week after when I will say goodbye to Sam. That's if my brother gets set up for him. He's installing a locking cat door, creating a cat room for him, the whole thing.

Sam came from Millersburg. A woman was arrested and left two dogs locked inside her trailer and kicked out about 16 cats, to be left on their own, after she got out of jail. She left all her stuff too and never claimed most of it. Sam and Oci are the two still here from those 16 cats. I found homes for the others.

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