Thursday, November 25, 2010

Laughs from TSA

Like it or not, a man's outraged outburst, "Don't Touch my Junk" has become a national T-shirt sell and wear craze. Thanks buddy, for the pre-Christmas market boost!

I loved the report of a woman, who took off her coat in the check in pat down line, to reveal a bikini underneath--which clearly displayed she carried no bomb strapped to anything. Bet some of those TSA guys sure wish they could have patted her down.

Humor and the TSA lines! I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I was going to go up to Poppa Inc's presidents place. She was having an "orphans" dinner. But my stomach has been acting up for two days and was so painful last night I couldn't sleep much. So I'm not going. Don't want to be around food I can't eat.

My doctor, when I had those stomach tests done, and the colonoscopy, said to get citricil, the powder you put in water, and drink, as a kind of bulk laxative, and that it was safe to use everyday. I had only used it once before.

I put some into a glass of water yesterday and drank it. Within ten minutes, my muscles were so weak, my legs started to buckle. I was trembling all over and I thought I was going to collapse. I finally looked the active ingredient up online. The sites I read said it sucks so much fluid out of your body into your gut so rapidly it can leave you with serious electrolyte depletion and cause the symptoms I was experiencing. It also said it is hard on the heart and kidneys for this reason. I had a bottle of gatorade, and drank it, and afterwards, the symptoms went away. I then threw the bottle of powder in the trash.

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