Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Four Albany Cats Fixed Today

Smokey, Heatherdale owned male, fixed today.
Chucky, Smokey's brother, neutered today.
Female brown tab tux long hair teen, spayed today.
DLH black male teen, fixed today. This makes the last of the five feral teens needing trapped and fixed. If only I could determine, from varying accounts, who the mom might be and where she hangs out, to prevent further unwanted litters being born there.

Four more Heatherdale cats were fixed today. The last two, of five kittens, got fixed. And, two big brothers, from a different household, but who free roam, were fixed. In all, three males and one female.

The clinic told me they did 48 surgeries today. That's damn cool!

I had a bet on, with an assistant there, over the sexes of the two feral kittens. I said the brown tabby was a girl and the black a boy. I got it right and won a Twix. I based my opinion of the black long hair being a boy on the way he was charging around in the trap and even meowing. Little feral girls don't take such stupid risks. Boys do. I got it right! But I lucked out because he was doing teen boy feral behavior. Teen boy ferals are lucky if they survive teenhood.

I tell people girl kittens are more paranoid but there are good reasons for that. They in their lives will have to do all the hard stuff. They'll have to raise and nurture kittens while finding food and watching out for danger and fending off threats to her kittens. The boys don't do shit. They go look for love and fights and that's it. Doesn't take brains, which includes healthy paranoia, for that. Neuter them, they get brains suddenly, since the blood isn't flowing before that to the upper brain. Neuter them and they get their lives back and it's beautiful.

It's fun, the sex bets. I hope they'll all, at the clinic, get in on the feral sex bet pool next time around.

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