Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Luck With My Ad

I've had an ad running now for three days. No luck so far. Not a single call, in fact, until this morning. The call woke me up.

She was hard to understand, a very old woman, who wants a dog but will settle for a cat. She's lonely. She lives in a seedy apartment building I am familiar with. Since she has no car and no money, the cat would never see a vet again and likely would never get any further anything, no flea treatment or wormer, no further vaccinations for the rest of its days.

I feel for her, but I can't send any of the cats here to such a fate. In the summer there, due to the heat and no air conditioners, doors and windows must be wide open. It is a very bad area of town. I can't do it. She wants an older cat but not so old it would have medical problems.

She says once again there are tons of free roaming strays in the area. I suggested she take one of the strays in, and I would get it fixed for her. I have gotten so many hundreds of cats fixed in a few blocks radius I can't even say, over the years. I am hoping some of those strays are fixed. Abandonment rates in that area too are very high.

I'm going to go visit her, because it is hard to judge a situation from an early morning phone call. Also, I'll print up some cards again, and leave them on doors over there in the area of people who may have unfixed cats again.

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