Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gorge Myself?

I am deliberating another Gorge trapping marathon. That's because in return, they might take four adult cats from here, to adopt out from there.

I am seriously considering the trip for that reason alone. Otherwise, I would pass. And I would pass because it's freezing up there and I'm getting old and it would hurt and I have nobody to watch my cats if I go, so it would have to be literally a marathon, with me returning quickly.

Yes, trapping marathons hurt me now. They cause me pain and exhaustion for weeks after they're over.

But there is no help to be had down here, from groups with adoption venues, in finding homes for the cats I end up with. None at all.

The fact the Gorge group exchanges services is refreshing. Last time, I got seven huge bags of Science Diet for my efforts. I also ended up half dead from exhaustion! The heat was bad. This time it would be the cold.

Four adult cats though, that is a huge deal to me. I have way too many here and cannot afford them and have no way to adopt them out. I think it might be worth the pain and cold.

I'm not sure when I'd go. If I'm going to, before Christmas, I better before snow hits the area. I don't have shoes right now without holes in them.

I've actually got four pair of shoes right now plus some flip flops. The flip flops I got at Kmart three years ago and the toe hold still hasn't pulled out--a new longevity record for flip flops I think.

The other four pair are basically tennis shoes. One pair is nice looking and new, but they don't fit at all. They're too loose and don't accommodate my high arches, so when laced even loosely, the tops of my feet begin to hurt within an hour.

The other three pair have been around probably a couple years too long each and were not new to begin with.

I have these kind of net top tennis shoes that fit well, but are "airy" and not meant for cool, wet or cold weather. And now they have holes in the toes.

I have some black tennis shoes that have been around too long and never fit, but when I had no shoes after the Keen's fell apart, when I wore them every day for a year, I pulled them out. They were stiff from age and air exposure I guess, but now, after wearing them for two years, the sole has separated from the top part on one right shoe.

I have some brown shoes, kind of tennis shoes, got them at the Grocery Outlet and they sort of fit but they cramp up my toes and are the shoes I wore on that ten mile hike that resulted in me getting two brand new toenails. That's because they jammed up and crunched two toes so severely during the course of the hike the toenails turned black and blue and eventually fell off. My hiking partner of that day refuses to hike with me again, unless I get some decent shoes. Hey, I kept up anyhow.

I have problem feet. Someone with my feet should have been born rich to afford shoes. I have very long narrow feet and high arches. One foot is longer than the other. You cannot buy the length I wear in normal shoe stores and men's shoes are way too wide for me.

I have other shoes in my closet besides these four pair of misfits and the flip flops, but they are shoes I've seen at garage sales I think will fit then don't or shoes someone gave me they didn't want I thought would fit, but don't. I keep thinking I'll find someone who could use them, but I never do, so they sit, on the shelf, wearing out without anyone wearing them.

When I wear shoes that don't fit right, makes my knee start to hurt. Around the house, even in the yard, even most of the winter in the driveway and yard, I go barefoot and I like going barefoot.

That is why I need to resort to making my own shoes. I need to get on that. I still have the old tire, just lack anything to cut through the steel belts with on the tire, so I can begin creating and making my own shoes, shoes that fit my oddball feet and might last.

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