Monday, November 29, 2010

Washer Fails. Closely Followed by Dryer

Just when I'm all aglow, over getting some high target cats fixed, appliances take revenge and break.

I was washing my bedding because the cats are tossing out hairballs on my bed. Yukko.

I went into the bathroom, yes, to use it, and there's water pooling out from under the french doors, which I hate (I hate all french doors) behind which sit, in very cramped space, the washer and dryer.

I unplug it. I remove the drain hose, which is not plugged or even wet. And pull it out, without unscrewing the hot and cold water in hoses, because I can't unscrew them. They're sealed on with corrosion!

When doing this, I notice the dryer is venting lint right into the laundry room itself. That's because the vent has pulled off the back of the dryer and is actually crumpled and broken.

Dryer vents are made to be re attached or attached in the first place by midget contortionists. I swear that is the only type of person who could fit down between the back of a dryer and a wall but also at ground level. I told a repairman once the dryer vent industry needs to make some improvements. It's time.

I look online for reasons washers leak. I don't like the reasons I find.

The one that caught my eye: "boot or gasket failure on agitator. This usually occurs when doing heavy loads that become unbalanced." Hmmmm. Bedding. Heavy.

The other two leakage reasons, pump failure and water level switch failure aren't fun either. The switch could just be clogged in soap, the online article stated and said how to unclog it and test the switch to see if it is working by blowing into it, and listening for distinct clicks corresponding to the number of water levels you can adjust for in your washer. Pump failure, well, that means a new pump I guess.

There is another minor cause and that is holes in the drain pipe, which is cheap flexible corrugated plastic, the cheapest of the cheap corrugated plastic tubing, in the case of this washer.

Craning my head and pulling the bowl this way and that, while shining a flashlight down the edges, was not a good way to check for where the leak originates from. I'll have to take off the peek hole in the back to see better. That's for another day. Or that's for Mr. Landlord brother who said he was coming up this week and now has gone suddenly silent on me.

This is not a teensy weensy leak. This is a catastrophic flooding type leak and this was a sudden event. Been working just fine up til this last load. So what does that say about the three most common causes of washer leakage and my leak?

I will go out on a limb and say catastrophic agitator boot failure due to unbalanced load!!!! But what do I know. Only what I read online tonight. And how to use a mop.

Not one drop of water did it leak before this load. Damn this last load. Damn it to hell. And I have no bedding on which to sleep tonight.

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