Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lebanon Fungi Kittens and Zach's Bliss

Old Electra, old, cranky and lovable at the same time, one of my own cats, who broke her jaw last year.

Zach adores everyone and everyone adores Zach. He is in heaven when curled with the Quirky Twins--Fantasia and Echo. The Quirky Twins are very particular about who they hang out with, and often are abusive if not treated exactly as they feel they should be. But Zach, he likes that. He likes slapped at by the Quirky's sometimes, and they love him to death.

The Lebanon Fungi Kittens could no longer be in the freezing garage. It was not healthy for them, nor is that climate environ helpful for them in defeating the fungi skin monsters. So, I took the risk. I bathed them again in Lym Sulphur, cleaned their ears again and they're in the bathroom. Zuli had to move into the spare bedroom. She still isn't eating much.
This is Scruffy, the only male of the three. He's also a polydactyl. Funny, how people adore inbred cat traits like manx and polys.
And this little girl is smart, very busy always and a major play freak, more so than her brother, Scruffy. No decent photos yet of sister, Rainy. You can see her ringworm, on her nose. Scruffy has it the worst, with it on his legs and feet. Rainy only has it on her nose, like Forest.

/Forest, beautiful little Lebanon Fungi kitten.

The Fungi Kittens got their Lym Sulphur dips again last night. I was battling leaves yesterday, up on a ladder, going all around the perimeter of the house, pulling them out of the gutter. There is moss over much of the roof, shaded by the maple trees that dump their leaves onto the roof. The moss ridges keep the leaves from being washed and blown off the roof. So, I was using the big push broom, to not only pull the leaves off the roof, from my precarious position atop a six foot ladder, but also to scrub the moss ridges from the roof.

I had a birds eye view of the neighborhood from atop that ladder, which was none too stable, with its feet spread on unstable soggy muddy ground. I was reading about moss and how to get rid of it on the web. Best way I guess is with copper at the top of the roof, that leeches copper with rain, down the roof. Also, getting rid of branches that shade the roof is important and maybe I'll do that one of these years, when I get the equipment.

I wonder if pennies would leech enough copper to be helpful.

But the other best method is 10% clorox in water. So I was throwing cottage cheese containers full of clorox mix water repeatedly onto the roof. Throwing an entire bucket of the mix at one time nearly toppled me off the ladder. I thought then about the fungi kittens. Moss is a fungus. What if I threw Lym Sulphur dip mix onto the roof?

I have enough neighbor disdain for my yard maintenance or lack thereof. A roof reeking of rotten egg smell might put me over the top on the disdain list. But then again, who cares?

After all, yesterday, the neighbor's hired gun yardman used his leaf blower to blow all the big leaf maple leaves, shed by another neighbors tree onto her yard, from her yard, onto mine. I wanted to go turn his useless noisy leaf blower onto him for doing that.

I'm hoping for a good wind, to just blow them the hell away or at least, back where they came from.

And I wonder if copper kills moss, what would it do to ringworm? Maybe the kittens need to play with pennies or sleep on a bed of pennies or maybe I should wrap them in copper wire. Hahahaha, always a mad scientist lurking within.

But, the pennies would need to be old. Nowadays, pennies are copper plated and really made of zinc.

From the web:

"If your Lincoln Memorial penny has a date before 1982, it is made of 95% copper. If the date is 1983 or later, it is made of 97.5% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating."

I just took these photos of Scruffy and Rainy. These kittens are in sad shape, underweight, ringworm, had terrible earmites and worms, slight URI's. They are completely tame. The 5th Wheel couple let them be born in their trailer, then kick them out into the cold once a few weeks old, to suffer and most die. There really should be laws that are enforced against such behavior.

Rainy, the littlest of the three.
Scruffy, the boy.

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