Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heldrith Joy

Do you all remember that Nebraska cat woman we all helped awhile ago, well quite awhile ago, who contacted me looking for help somehow, even though she's in Nebraska, getting cats she fed fixed?

Well, she got those cats fixed, and even has helped others now.

But yesterday, she rocked. She and her adults kids, too. EVen her husband.

Seems there is an evil wrinkled up old woman who hates cats and maybe everyone who lives nearby.

I can't remember the details of the confrontation, but that's even better, because I"ll fill them in with my own splendid imagination as I go!

The confrontation involved words, a kitten, pruning sheers, blood, a husband in his shorts, threats, the law, and restraining orders, which Joy, our protagonist, is taking out today on the wrinkled angry old cat hater with pruning sheers.

I am very short on details that matter, but Joy was hit with pruning sheers, injured, blood drawn, her daughter came charging up in her defense and in the kittens defense and was shoved down with sheers maybe too. Joy's husband, still asleep from shift work, was awakened by their daughter and he came charging up the alley in shorts. The pruning sheers woman's husband came out to tell his wife he saw her attacking Joy with sheers and was slapped by his lovely wife.

This was pure rural America alley street fighting. And Joy's family did it over the honor and safety of a stray kitten.

I could not be more proud!

You go, Joy.

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