Thursday, November 18, 2010

Michael Vick Leaves Horrific Legacy While Football People Forget

Click post title to go to LA Times story about the legacy of cruelty left by Michael Vick--in one of his dogs the monster beat and used as a bait dog.

In his football success, in the fact he may end up MVP, he believes all is forgiven and forgotten, perhaps even secretly condoned, with winks of approval, for his behavior towards dogs.

Another player, Desean Jackson, said to a reporter "We were like pitbulls ready to get out of the cage." A fan of Vick's behavior, no doubt.

Where are our values? This man hasn't changed. Michael Vick playing? Turn off the game. Show your heart for Mel, the dog in the article, one of Vick's victims.

Winning in America is everything. Brutality and violence are rewarded. Kindness is no longer considered an American value.

It is on the surface, but it isn't really.

Michael Vick is clear testimony to American values.

Greed. Violence. Winning.

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