Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Phone is Dead

My phone has died. It has been dying for a week now but it is now officially dead.

I will go get another somewhere today.

I have a home lined up for little Brutus. She is picking him up Friday but has already renamed him Brody James. Isn't that adorable? Sounds like a fabulous home.

I have someone interested in Peko. They are coming up Saturday. They too sound like just wonderful people. I've had the best luck lately, meeting really nice folks. The student who came over and spent a couple hours meeting the cats on Sunday is really a great person also. In the end, she could not decide, between Brutus, Peko, Nemo and Zach. And now she'll be gone two weekends, so is putting off the decision. Here, it is first come, first serve, so Peko may be gone by then and certainly Brutus is leaving Friday. Maybe she'll still take Nemo or Zach. She loved Zach and Zach loved her, would not leave her alone.

Then there was the Machi family, just splendid folks, the best home one could ever hope for, for a little rescued boy like Machi. Makes me want to cry, out of happiness, for him to finally get such a home. He deserved it. And they waited for him, too. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have encountered such kind folks who wanted Machi. Machi's sisters are in great hands over in Corvallis. Machi's mom is in great hands down in Eugene.

I wish I'd had the mental fortitude to stick it out, up at that Lebanon trailer park, get the last six fixed up there. That is where Machi's mom, so young herself, desperate a month after she was fixed, when I did not know it was an orange tabby girl I'd trapped, lactating at that, was moving her four week old kittens here and there, knowing they were going to die of dehydration. She saw my car roll up. She knew I was her kitten's only hope. She deposited them near my car and moved away. I emptied my purse and tucked them inside it. I had nothing else. I didn't think they would live they were so dehydrated. But they did. And they thrived. And a few weeks later I trapped their mom and got her out of there, so she could live too.

But I fell apart, from exhaustion, sorrow, stress and financial ruin, in the end. There was no mercy for the cat trapper from the residents there, who, despite all the above, surrounded me yelling for more from me. I rolled up my window and ran! That's when my car window would still roll up! Ha.

I've been trying to recuperate from overdoing it the last two weeks. I really overdid it, with those two colonies, one in Lebanon, one on Scravel Hill.

I better get moving and get a phone that works.

I finally got back on ebay, retrieved my long lost account, and ordered a used master window switch for my car off a smashed blue 2005 CA Scion. It should be here within a week and I hope it works. I am so excited to possibly get back the ability to use my car windows again. I am going to communicate with the yard also to see if the wrecked car has some other intact parts mine is now missing.

I am in shut down mode. My body will go so far, on lack of sleep and exertion, then it shuts down and I'm no good for anything. Saturday was a day too far, a day beyond shut down, but, I didn't quit when I should have. Those five kittens I took up, one had already been trapped and the clinic was unable to do her until Saturday. So, unable to hold her long term, I went ahead and trapped three more at the church colony and the old woman in LEbanon trapped her last kitten needing fixed.

Running here and there, all over a huge county, to help folks with cat situations, cleaing traps, doing laundry, cleaning litterboxes, treating sick cats, always communicating also with potential adoptors and more people wanting help, dealing with everybody and their uncle, by phone or e-mail, while maintaining all these cats here too, then the running around and trapping, oh my god, it's a lot of hard work, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is hard to work in time to get what I need like food for me, the cats here, cat litter, to keep up the yard, to get the garbage out and bills paid, to fix things broken. Oh man alive, it's more than three people should be doing sometimes.

But now, I'm no good and will have to basically sleep for a week or until my body says it can continue.

This has been the case since I was born into this world. An abnormality? Maybe. Even my respirations and heart rate slow, when in shut down, when awake. NOthing I can do about it. One doctor was confounded once by my reaction to stress and/or exhaustion, my body's reaction that is--the zen like shut down. My brain gets this dazy euphoria even, almost like being on drugs maybe. I try to do a few things, then I can't anymore and have to quit or lay down and sleep, in a dreamy state again.

After a few days, or a week or two, I'm good to go again and can do extreme things again, can if I choose. I usually don't if I don't have to. These last two weeks working those two colonies, trying to quickly solve them to save on gas money and trips up, for my mlieage old car, put me over the top.

I knew that but I also know my body quits when it's too much and helps me heal. And that's nice. I'm in a zen state today. That's the only way I can describe it.

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