Monday, October 25, 2010

Negative on Fiv/Felk

I took both kittens up to Wilsonville, but just got the male kitten tested, since is the one who crashed last night. Thankfully, I chugged him full of sub cu fluids.

I think I held my breath the entire time it took for the snap test to read. Negative!!! Wheh!

The vet believes it is a gut amoeba or parasite, coccidia or giardia, could even be e-coli she said, after I described the water they had to drink from. They will now have metronizadole added to Albon, plus easily digested wet food and probiotics and see if they will make it.

We discussed the possibility of panoleukemia, more commonly known as distemper. I felt if they had that, they would have already died. They had diarrhea from when I first met them, off and on, sometimes severe.

I did vaccinate them the moment I took them in, and that could be reason, if they have it, that it did not kill them quickly. EVen in under two weeks, one vaccine might give a degree of protection, the vet thought. In the end, I think she also believed even so, if it is panoleukemia, they'd be dead already.

Sage looks on the outs tonight, too. She is laying in the second bedroom, half lethargic. Could be however she's just sleepy. She has had a hard time finding a private place to sleep, amongst the hordes here. I will watch her carefully as she only had surgery recently, meaning she could be prone to infection. Her incision looks ok, though.

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