Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"May I Please Put a Gun to My Head and Pull the Trigger by Voting?"

It's voting time. I only vote out of guilt these last years.

I don't like the records or views of either Oregon candidate for governor. But getting ripped by Wells Fargo reminds me how little big companies care about honesty or about little tiny people like me. Dudley moves money around for wealthy people. He earned his millions playing pro basketball. When your business clients and your friends are the ultra wealthy, you are not going to forget who your friends are and who you owe once in office.

Dudley will run over us poor people without a blink. That's my opinion.

So I am voting for Kitzhaber because I am a nobody and Dudley is wealthier than wealthy and I'm scared of rich people and how they view poor people. I think they'd like to exterminate us all, like in ovens or firing squad lines.

I doubt Dudley even knows the extent of poverty in Oregon or how poor people try to get by. I think the poor, no matter which candidate wins, are going to be the ones thrown under the train.

I don't know why I bother to vote. Voting is a sham. Doesn't change anything. Doesn't solve problems needing solved. It only creates a circus atmosphere and money spent on nothing in campaigns, good money burned in stupid campaign ads and other nonsense. Kills me to see such waste of good money.

Then the face-glowing newly-elected reward friends with contracts and high paying do nothing state or federal jobs and its all just ridiculous.

I have no faith anymore. If Dudley is elected, he will use the office to better himself, his friends and his kind. Same with Kitzhaber. Voting seems a co-dependent approval nod for this behavior. I don't like being part of it. I don't like the guilt-laden Vote ads, because voting means nothing anymore.

Voting's deepest meaning, these days, if anything, would go something like "May I please screw myself by voting?" "May I please put a gun to my head and pull the trigger by voting?"

One interesting aside: There are two people running for city council my ward. One has been a councilor forever and the other, I don't know him. I read the voters pamphlet. I confess to that. It's often very entertaining, especially the measure arguments, who has written them. I imagine all sorts of underlying reasons for groups of individuals or just plain individuals for spending their money and time to promote or demote a certain measure. It's so much fun, with imagination added.

On this particular square off, the newcomer to the council politics has no voter pamphlet information. I can't find a web page for him or a single thing about him, except where he lives and a phone number. I call him up. I ask where I can find out something about him. He says he doesn't have a web page and it cost too much to be in the voter's pamphlet. He doesn't volunteer any information about himself either, by phone. I'm waiting for it, the spiel, anything, him asking for my vote. It doesn't come. "Thank you," I say, hang up, and mark my ballot for the incumbent.

Also, I make a habit of voting no on every single initiative. They are generally poorly written, confusing to enact and unfunded. I love the initiative process. You get low paid often out of state signature whores chasing you down at store entrances demanding you sign.

If they are persistent, I sign something like "J.P. McGoo", but usually I avoid them, run from them or take photos of them. State voter initiatives usually signal to me somebody has issues and is taking out their issues on the state voters and taxpayers when that person or persons should be in therapy.

Here is another pet peeve I have: Cities who won't pay to pick up leaves, saying it is the responsibility of the property owner to pay for leaf pickup if they have trees. This is like penalizing people who have trees in their yard. It's a double penalty because most cities won't let you cut them down. It's a triple penalty because trees are really good at sopping up all the crap we breathe out and otherwise dump into the air with our vehicles and motors of all kinds, turning it back in Oxygen. What's better than that? Cities should thank people who have trees in their yard. They should be so grateful they send workers to clean up the leaves for free, or bring those property owners home made pies or the property owner should get hefty tax deductions allowed for each tree.

Hell yeah. That's how it should be. I'm waiting here for my home made pie. I don't really own this property but I would eat the home made pie in my brother's absentia. (I like apple, cherry, pecan and pumpkin--whipped cream on top would really be nice)

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