Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More Cat Photos

The N. Albany swamp kittens now.Starry!

I hope Peko gets a home this weekend. Someone is coming to meet him Saturday.

In other news, I see the folks down on Lyons are loading up a big old white van tonight, like they're moving. I hope they don't leave all those cats behind. They never would let me get them all fixed. "Let me" like it wasn't their responsibility in the first place.

The guy let me take up three males and a female, with two small kittens, when his wife was gone, but when she came back, she would not let me get those kittens fixed, nor another male they had, still unfixed. They've been letting cats breed there for at least three years. I had been there twice before, when they said they wanted them fixed, only to have the wife change her mind last second and pull them out of the carrier. I had all but given up until the husband contacted me, sick of sharing space with so many animals. And junk. The place was a big old junkpile inside.

All I think about, to see that van they're loading up, is what about their animals, will they leave them as so many in this town do, like they're so much trash.

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