Thursday, October 07, 2010

I Had No Idea!!! 1% of Oregonians Now Hold Medical Mary Jane Cards

Click post title to go to local paper's editorial, that recommends a no vote on the latest pot happy state ballot measure.

I got nothing againt pot users. They're not strung out meth users, that's for sure. They're not angry screaming drunks pounding on their wife or husband or kids, or out there killing people driving drunk.

But what they are is unmotivated and uninteresting. That's what I've found. When I run into someone who goes on and on about something, and off on tangents, but will not even recognize responses, like you're not even there, I usually find out later, they're chronic potheads. You can't have a conversation with one of them. And they don't get off their butts much either. No motivation. Too many potheads never fix their cats or notice their kids.

I've smoked weed a few times. It really really really affects me. I have to have like four days to recover. I've smoked it a grand total of three times in my life.

I can't say I like not being in reality or able to function because I'm not.

I've known people disabled totally from function due to pot addiction. I have met lots of pot addicts. No matter what some say, it is highly addictive. I've met people who spend every dime they can find on pot, not paying bills, not buying food for the family, just that addicted.

I still think it's a freedom issue and if someone wants to smoke it, they should be able to do so and long as their behavior does not adversely affect others.

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