Sunday, October 24, 2010

Miss Daisy Makes a Friend and Other Photos

Peko from the N. Albany swamp (oops, wetland, my bad) has found a new friend in Deaf Miss Daisy!

Laser in the Water! Arghhhh! My cats enjoy dunking cat toys in water bowls, for some sick reason. Last night, the laser pointer died in this manner.
Shaggy, of the Lebanon hosed down mom and kittens group, with his reflection.
Zorro, the Siamees Church Ditch kitten, with his now deceased brother. Mowgli never moved much, never grew, and I knew from the start he would not make it. I had to try.
All three of the Church Ditch kittens.
Zorro is a laid back kitten. Poppa's president has a home lined up for him, but is currently on vacation.

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