Sunday, October 24, 2010

King Football. Pampering the Aristocrats of Academia

The padded protected fat cat elite of academia, the football program, displayed it's excess to the peons, briefly, in an article in local paper. Click the post title to read about the football programs new "lounge", which cost, in private donations, 3/4 of a million dollars.

I know we are supposed to worship these gladiators, who carry a ball this way and that, for a few seconds in plays contrived by coaches, oops, kings and their staff of royalty. Many will go on to make millions in one year for doing the same. Some will go on to lengthy prison terms or frequent court appearances.

The peons, slaves and proletariat must not question the actions of royalty.

On the outside, society claims that we need better schools and brighter students. But we all know who garners favor in our world. Not brainiacs, not scientists or doctors or inventors or researchers or programmers.

Royalty and riches belong to football.

I say we drop all the pretentions. Cut the funding to useless academics. Who needs them? Parents, employ trainers not tutors. You don't need SAT scores. They don't matter if you can properly run or throw or tackle and wear a tight fighting uniform well. Practise those end zone victory hip swaggers. Or, fatten up that big kid even more, better to flatten the offensive line. Talk to your family doctor about muscle making drugs.

Colleges are for football not for learning. Winning means everything. And in such a society, where money is spent big on football programs, we, the riffraff, who cheer on royalty, or die, we shall take the heads of those who lose.

We are owed that at least.

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