Friday, September 17, 2010

Valkyrie--Faces of Courage

I rented a somber and wonderful movie: Valkyrie. Valkyrie shows how noble and courageous human beings can be. I was awe struck and inspired by this movie.

This movie chronicles decent men and women of tremendous courage and honor, who attempted to take down Hitler's evil. They were German officers, soldiers, police and civilians. Most were executed when the plan failed.

Many deserted the uprising when they felt it would fail. There was little courage to be seen among the followers of Hitler, blinded and scared, they followed Satan himself and committed atrocities unimaginable. Those who did nothing were also culpable and even more cowardly.

Only a few stood against this evil amongst them.

I have utmost respect for those who did. The courage they displayed is unearthly.

I cried through much of this movie. I wondered, as I watched, if I would have what it takes to stand against evil, alone if necessary, in the face of sure death.

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