Friday, September 17, 2010

Fighting Evil with Yard Debris

The neighbors with the massive number of vehicles have not been parking in front of my bedroom for a few days. I challenge them every time they do. They do not have the right anymore to park there, I feel, because of how they behaved when they did. They lost the moral right to park in front of my place.

I also moved my yard debris container to a spot to guard my bedroom privacy. It's all I have in my fight to save my sleep and peace of my mind. So I use it.

Things have been quieter as a result. I don't know if this will last. I only hope it will. I don't speak to them. I don't even look at them. I try to pretend we live in completely different worlds. We do.

That we share a physical street has nothing to do with the fact we walk different paths in completely different worlds.

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