Sunday, September 05, 2010

Updated Cats Here Photos

I also had yet another pair of jeans fall apart today. Unfortunately, it occurred while setting up at the Flea Market. They came apart around the pockets on both sides in the butt. Four pairs in two weeks. I had not worn this pair for quite some time, due to their thread bare nature, but with so many other jean failures, I pulled them out to wear again. I know it's because some pairs are used when I get them and then I wash them over and over. This pair, despite being used when I got them, lasted over three years. I didn't want to give up on the Flea Market and all I had to repair jeans for privacy sake was duct tape. So.....duct tape butt.
I wear T shirts until they can no longer be worn in public, then I wear them as nightshirts. This one finally gave up function even as a nightshirt and now will move on to the cat bedding category of use.
The handsome Sam!And then there is Zack.
Slurpy likes to take it easy, the easier the better.
Slurpy is not afraid to relax.
Absolutely unafraid of unabashed relaxation. Slurpy has moved into the Cush Kitty category also occupied by Deaf Miss Daisy. Such cats dedicate their lives to cushy living. They don't like mice and would never hunt or eat one. They like to lay around in utter comfort and bliss, stretching, yawning, sleeping, playing and enjoying life to its fullest, exhibiting very little initiative. If they were people, they would be scorned (and privately envied) as lazy leeches by talk radio hosts.
Peko buds around with mentor Sam.
Peko shows that spot of ringworm on his cheek. You can see only a couple tiny red spots because his cheek fur color there is desceptively tannish. It's now almost invisible.
Peko on the bed.
Machi, showing off his upper lip fungus. I'm killing it off, and quickly. I experiment you see. Nothing toxic, nothing dangerous.

This is not the common green glow under blacklite ringworm. This is the type I've seen that likes the thicker hair on the face, chin and whiskers, but it starts in the nails. But, this type goes away much quicker. I've seen it once before. It even likes to feed on the dead hair cells in whiskers.

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